Real estate tours and customer reception

  • 6 months ago
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Our company Simaz real estate pays great attention to clients and provide the best services to them, as our services start from the client’s arrival at the airport،

This is because many clients arrive in Turkey for the first time, and perhaps in the meantime they need translation services and a good and convenient reception service،

Therefore, Simaz real estate company is keen to provide a decent reception to our valued customers to reflect our image in front of them, and we also provide a special reception service for VIPs and businessmen.

Our company provides our valued clients with free advice about owning a property in Turkey, all the advice and guidance about real estate investment in Turkey and tours on all available properties.

After the client’s rest at his place of residence, the real estate tours begin on our projects in Antalya, and to acquaint the client with all the apartments, projects or villas that suit his request and Budget exactly.

In addition to real estate tours, we do a small tourist tour within the city, to get acquainted with its facilities, areas and the most desirable places to visit.

In case of non-agreement on any of the projects reviewed, our company will bear all the fees for reception, departure, Real Estate tour and city tour،

As for the agreement on any property we have and the ownership contract has been written and the deposit has been paid, the above will be added to the costs of his stay (hotel reservation – hotel apartment) for three days.

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