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معلومات عن مدينة انطاليا

The city of Antalya or Antalya is one of the Turkish cities with an area of 20,599 km2 and a population of 1,719,751 people and a population density of 83/km2 located in the south-west of Turkey, this article includes all the areas that border Antalya province, and in order to find out the center of Antalya province, we will go to the Antalya page.

Antalya is located in the south of Turkey, in the west of the Mediterranean region, a province founded between the Bay of Antalya and the Western Taurus Mountains.

In terms of area, it is the sixth largest province in Turkey, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the South,Mugla province to the West, borodor and Isparta to the North, Konya to the Northeast, and Kerman and Mersin provinces to the East

The city of Antalya has witnessed remarkable development since 1980 due to the mild climate conditions and the effective tourist influences, Antalya was ranked as the fifth city in Turkey in terms of congestion. The economic life of Antalya is largely dependent on trade, agriculture and tourism.

The city of Antalya has witnessed the establishment of many civilizations on its land before history and is the most rich city in Turkey with ancient archaeological sites and these cities respectively: lycaia, Lydia, Pamphylia, Bergman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman and finally the Turkish republic, although none of these civilizations did not represent the capital of Antalya


Tourism, trade and agriculture topped the first place in the economy of Antalya, while industrial activities are among the activities that have been noted for progress in recent times. Besides, according to the wealth in Antalya (such as livestock and mining), other activities of less widespread crafts are held in Antalya


Antalya has a leading position in the field of Tourism, like Istanbul in Turkey. Antalya is the province where tourist facilities and institutions are held in the four seasons. Marine, Sports, Health, winter, mountain, religious tourism can be done [?]], Conference and camping tourism, especially cultural tourism, and institutions have been established in order to choose from the types of Tourism mentioned above. According to the 2010 tourist statistics, Antalya ranks fourth in the most visited cities in the world.

The areas where cultural tourism is held in Antalya are different from the coastal cities that stretch west of Antalya. There are dozens of ancient cities, historical buildings, mosques and churches in these areas. Sea tourism along the coasts is also held in Antalya. Sea tours with coastal tourism can also be carried out in this area. The beaches of Cleopatra, konyaalti and Lara are the most famous tourist sites. Antalya is the province that hosts popular sports in terms of sports tourism, where hundreds of athletes and Antalya teams prefer every year to practice sports tourism, especially football, tennis and golf players. Antalya hosts seminars for athletes and officials. Antalya has hosted 177 events from 39 countries, 66 citizens, 27 national team camps and 45 courses and seminars in many fields such as golf, weightlifting, fencing, volleyball, badminton and others in the period 2009-2010. Moreover it has also hosted the World Rally Championship from 2003-2008. Antalya is also one of the advanced Turkish cities in summer tourism and also the leader in winter tourism. The Sakli Kent Ski Center in Antalya and the AQ mountain winter sports tourism center in Antalya are the leading institutions in the field of winter tourism in Antalya. In terms of conference tourism, Antalya is working to provide tourism and entertainment opportunities through easy transportation and a variety of means of transportation, and also has the opportunity to hold important meetings for visitors from all over the world, whose number exceeds 106,000 seats. It is worth noting that Antalya overlooks the sea on one side and on the other side there are mountains with high altitudes, so Mountain Tourism can be carried out in high geographical places, which starts from Vinica and extends to Alanya. Moreover, the Antalya mountains, which are located on the slopes of the toroslar mountains, are generally composed of limestones in terms of foundation. Most of the large caves in Antalya may consist of this limestone. Almost 500 caves have been discovered in Antalya. In this regard, cave tourism can be carried out in Antalya, as 3 caves have been opened for tourism, while another 28 are waiting to be opened for tourism as well, and they may be opened by local efforts. As for religious tourism in Antalya, it is the tourism arm that has witnessed a remarkable development. There are many mosques in Antalya, especially since the Seljuk era. It is worth noting that the most famous of these mosques are the Murad Pasha Mosque and the yevlev Menara mosque. There is also the Santa Claus Church in Demre, located in the west of Antalya, and the 1,400-year-old ayyugi Church in Alanya, located in the East. In addition, a place of worship with a private entrance was opened in 2004 in the Circus area and this place is called the garden of religions. There are also houses of worship of the three heavenly religions (Islamic, Christian and Jewish) side by side in this park, which is the second site where the three religions are located after

Green spaces, recreation and recreation areas, parks

There are also natural areas outside the cities that were considered a nature reserve, part of which is green spaces surrounded by lakes, ponds and lakes dams and another part is plateaus and forests. The Antalya city forests, Ataturk Park and the kapz City Forest are among the important lush green spaces. Aktor Park, which is managed by a private business, is the largest park in Antalya as an entertainment park. While 3 parks are used, namely Aquapark Konya Alti, Lara beaches and the beach park, especially for summer holidays, the rich city also has institutions that guarantee opportunities for skiing in the winter months. It is worth mentioning that among the nature reserves there is the National Park of Mount gulluk located on the Antalya-korkutali highway, the National Park of Mount Olympus located in the city of Kemer. There are also other nature reserves such as the cave of damlatash, Karen and the gorge of the Jover Valley. The various districts of the province are known for being recreation, entertainment and picnic areas. The hiking areas in the Koprulu Canyon in the city of Manavgat are covered with forests in large areas, starting from the kurkutali – Antalya border in the west of Antalya to kumluga, which is located in the South. These spaces have increased in many areas such as entertainment spaces, children’s parks, restaurants and others. There are also fountains and forest landscapes in the resorts west of the city center and visitors can also do nature sports. Violent wrestling, celebrations and games are held during the festivals in the summer months. As for the resort village of doiran, located west of the city, the pond in it is suitable for the fishing profession. Recreation areas for city dwellers today have become parks, small forests and coasts. Due to the rapid urbanization of these elements, it was not possible to distribute them equitably throughout Antalya, and the population gathered more at the edges of the coasts and in places close to the coast . Shopping centers, the number of which has increased rapidly in recent years, can be classified as recreational areas with opportunities available away from exposed areas. The existing buildings of the district are clustered in the shopping center of the city center. It is reported that among the resonant shopping centers in the province are migro shopping center, Kepa, Laura, Shi mall, Depo, ozdelek complex and terracity


The only active University in Antalya as of 2011 is the Mediterranean University which provides education to 21,809 students in five institutes, eleven higher vocational schools, five graduate schools and eleven colleges which started education in 1982. Antalya International University, which started teaching and teaching in Antalya in the period from 2012-2013, provides services as a second institution of Higher Education established in the province with a higher school and five faculties as well. Among the universities that are interested in education in Antalya are: state: Mediterranean University. Especially: Antalya International University.

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