Antalya is a city of beauty and tourism

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Antalya is a city of beauty and tourism located in the south of Turkey, a city that attracts tourists due to its picturesque nature, charming coast and picturesque and beautiful tourist places in the city.


We will talk about a modern and upscale area in the city of Antalya, konyaalti, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, has a beach stretching for 10 km and is located in the modern city of Antalya .


Konyaalti district is an upscale area that attracts many tourists of all nationalities , and it has many schools and universities, the most famous of which are Abdul Rahman Nariman school, Mujahid Anwar school, and private schools, and one of the most famous is Bahcesehir group of schools, which includes kindergarten, elementary, middle, and even high school equipped with the latest modern methods of Education.


Three public and private hospitals are united in konyaalti district


Government hospitals: State Hospital and University Hospital.

There is a private hospital, the Olympus private hospital .


There are shopping centers in konyaalti district, the most famous of which is the Migros shopping center near Antalya Beach, which contains many departments for food, clothing, household items, electrics, vegetables, meat, fruits and nuts. And a home furniture shopping center, the T-Mall Home Design Center, which is an attraction for the residents of the area.


Tourist places in konyaalti Antalya


Konyaalti Beach

Konyaalti Beach is located in the konyaalti district in the Mediterranean Sea on the western side of Antalya, a city of beauty and tourism, and stretches for 10 km, intended for tourists and locals because its waters are light and cold, compared to other beaches.

On the beach there are five-star restaurants , high-end spas, and a Turkish bath .

And let’s not forget about the beach, which is overlooked by hotels of world class and rating .

The beach is full of tourists of all nationalities, due to the charming view, which combines the mountains and the sea.

And there are benches on the beach to contemplate the picturesque and enchanting sea view and the towering mountains .


Parks in konyaalti Antalya


One of the most famous parks that tourists visit is the “mini-city” park .

There is also a Marine zoo, a water slide park where you can ride a banana boat.


Advantages of living in konyaalti Antalya


Since konyaalti district is ideal and the main one for tourism, it is close to the city center and its beach stretching on the Mediterranean coast , and it has a good transport node and modern markets, except for the diversity and richness of activity centers, social and entertainment events, markets and beautiful parks

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