Buying a property in Türkiye

Buying property in Türkiye

Simaz Real Estate provides you with all the advice related to buying property in Turkey. Through the long experience it has gained in the real estate field, we provide you with a set of tips for all the steps of buying property in Turkey, step by step.

1- You are now planning to buy real estate in Türkiye:

Prepare a list of your options, what is appropriate for you, how many rooms are appropriate, what area do you want, what building suits you, for example: Do you prefer a complex with a quiet single building, or do you prefer a large complex with multiple buildings?

You must also know in advance what is the reason for purchasing the property, is it for investment, is it for housing and stability…

You must determine a specific area for your budget and work on the basis of searching for the apartment of your dreams.

2- You will now search for many real estate companies online:

You will have preferences regarding the offers you obtained from these companies, but the final say will be on the ground.

Simaz Real Estate provides pre-purchase services to all its clients, starting with receiving them at the airport, securing the place of residence, and conducting tours of the available properties and city facilities to learn about them.

3- After making tours of the selected properties and choosing the appropriate property:

You will, of course, negotiate the property and agree on the appropriate price directly with the property owner (and not with any agent or representative).

The next and most important step before paying the deposit is to verify all information related to the property from official departments

Our company, Simaz Group, also carries out these procedures with the buyer, as part of pre-purchase services

To ensure that the property is free of any mortgage, seizure, inheritance, or disputes in the courts

After that, you must ensure that the property obtains housing approval, which is the municipality’s final approval for this building

If the property does not obtain housing approval, never buy this property because its many problems begin with your inability to obtain

On your water, electricity and gas subscription, ending with the difficulty of selling the property if you want to sell it later.

4- The fourth step is writing the contract and paying the deposit or advance:

This is done in the presence of the contracting parties (the seller and the buyer), and the amount of deposit is paid so that the aforementioned property is reserved until the ownership transfer transaction is prepared.

5- Preparing all the necessary papers to obtain the title deed:

Where we’re going to get

Tax number – bank account – passport translation – evaluation report from the real estate expert.

Simaz Group takes care of all these procedures and prepares the entire file to obtain the title deed, which is one of the pre-purchase services.

6- Obtaining the title deed:

The attendance takes place at the time specified by the Land Registry Department, and there the signature is made by the seller (on his sale of the property) and the buyer (on his purchase of the property) in the presence of a sworn translator approved by the state departments, and thus the property has been officially transferred to the buyer’s name.

7- Steps after purchasing the property:

Simaz Real Estate also provides post-purchase services, where we prepare the necessary papers and go with the property owner to the departments

Water – electricity – gas – internet to obtain subscriptions for the new property. We also provide advice to furniture and electrical companies in order to furnish the new property at the best prices.

8- Obtaining real estate residency:

After the buyer obtains his new property, our company begins preparing the necessary papers to obtain real estate residency for the property owner and his family.

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