Energy identity certificate for real estate (EKB) and how to get it

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Since the beginning of 2020, the binding law for obtaining the energy identity certificate for real estate (EKB) has been implemented during the purchase or rental of real estate and buildings in Turkey.


The Ministry of energy and Natural Resources announced that the use of the energy identity certificate for real estate will become mandatory to ensure efficient and effective use of energy, prevent waste and protect the environment.


This document contains information about the minimum energy requirements for construction and its energy rating


The insulation properties as well as the efficiency of the cooling and heating systems in the property are the energy identity of this building.


As for the ratings, energy performance ratings are now accepted in white goods or air conditioners such as refrigerators, washing machines and buildings as well.


Class A is considered the most efficient and G is the least efficient. New buildings must have at least a G-document.


How is it obtained


It is acquired by engineers and construction companies


By preparing the construction for the required energy specifications and submitting an application for this document from the Ministry of energy and Natural Resources


Where the information of the architectural project, electrical project, insulation project and mechanical project is also provided

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