Tips for buying a property in Turkey and special studies should be taken into account before making a decision.

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One of the most common phrases found on search engines are tips for buying a property in Turkey or tips for buying an apartment in Turkey.

When thinking about buying a property in Turkey, it is necessary to take tours of the available properties and apartments that suit your dreams, do not rush or rush and do not rely on your first impression, but you should know that there are several steps and ideas to follow to get the right choice.

In this article, we will explain some of the things that help you make a decision when buying a property in Turkey.

First: inspect the designs and spaces.

You should examine the apartment well to get to know the room spaces accurately, and also you should get to know the divisions and design of this apartment, and what is what benefits you and your family best.

For example: there are divisions of apartments in which the rooms are at one end and the living room is at one end separated by a corridor, for example, and there are also designs in which the hall is the distributor of rooms, this is not one of the preferred options and not a good option.

Second: check the views and destinations:

The beautiful open views make the apartment a special news, also the direction has a big role in choosing the apartment

There are destinations where the light and sun come in the morning , and others come in the afternoon or evening.

These details are better to take into account, in relatively hot cities it is preferable that sunlight comes to the apartment a little and in the morning and in the afternoon the apartment should be in the shade, but in cold cities the preference is the opposite.

In all cases, the apartment must see the sun, otherwise it will not be healthy, it will be exposed to moisture and heating and electricity costs will be high in winter.

Third: getting to know the environment of your property and its location:

And perhaps one of the first things you should pay attention to when buying a property in Turkey, what is the reputation of the place where the property is located, is the environment suitable, who are the residents of the neighborhood, is it an upscale area, is it a quiet area or is it noisy and the inconvenience is great.

Do people accept to buy in this area, what is the nature of the neighbors

Are there parks and playgrounds for children in the ocean or is it arid.

Fourth: getting to know the legal status of the apartment:

It is not enough just to inspect the apartment from the inside and from the views, the environment and neighbors,

But you should also know all the legal matters related to this property.

Are there any taxes, is there any mortgage on the apartment

Does the apartment have housing approval, is there anything illegal in this construction؟

The best place to check that the property is free of anything illegal is to check the real estate register before signing the contract.

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