Required papers for obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate I

It has become very important to obtain sufficient information about the papers required to obtain Turkish citizenship, whether the papers that are brought from the mother country, or the papers that will be processed in Turkey.

We have previously listed ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, including obtaining citizenship through real estate investment, by owning a property or several properties worth 600,000 dollars.

Below we will review all the papers required to obtain Turkish citizenship for the property owner and his family (his wife and children under the age of 18).Required documents for the property

As part of the initial procedures to obtain the property: a real estate appraisal report is prepared, which will show the estimated value of the property to be purchased and the value must be the same as the value that will be written in the title deed, knowing that the period of this assessment is three months during which it is valid.

The receipt of the bank transfer of the property value from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account is certified by the bank seal and the signature of the manager.

Title deed: a copy of it will be provided with the necessary papers to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Two copies of the agency for the application for citizenship to the lawyer who will carry out all the necessary procedures within the government departments, as an agent for the property owner (applicant for citizenship) and his family.

Investor residence document: we apply for it immediately after obtaining the title deed and before performing any procedure to obtain

On a temporary national number, on which all other actions depend

Required personal papers

Passport translation (for all family members)

Citizenship application form

A family statement document certified by the Ministry of foreign affairs of the home country and also certified by the Turkish embassy.

Status statement: from the home country shows the status of the applicant for citizenship (single – married .. Etc.).

Personal photos.


Note: all papers and documents that are issued from the mother country (from outside Turkey), must be certified by its foreign ministry and from the Turkish embassy also located in that country, whether birth data, status statement or not.

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