Residence permit in Turkey

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There are many reasons why Turkey is the first choice as a place to stay, whether for short-term or for settling،

Perhaps the most important of these reasons is to buy a property for settlement or investment, or residence for tourism, or residence for treatment, study or work, so the first thing a foreigner who intends to reside in Turkey thinks about is obtaining an oturma izni residence permit .

Simaz real estate company has a specialized consultant staff for all matters related to obtaining stays from A to Z, processing the necessary papers, health insurance and accompanying the client to the appointment .

Types of residence in Turkey:

Real estate residency: after obtaining a college bond, our company extracts the real estate residency of the owner and his family for two years directly.
Tourist residence: it is for tourist purposes, its duration is from one to two years.
Student’s residency: its duration is the entire duration of the University study.
Family residence: it is the residence obtained by a foreigner married to a Turkish for a period of 3 years.
Work residence permit: this residence permit is issued for a foreigner who works in Turkish companies, and gives him the right to work in Turkey.


The necessary papers for obtaining a residence permit

Passport expiry period is not less than two months.
The entry visa to Turkey is not expired.
Title deed or lease certified by a notary.
Personal photos (Biometrik) number 4.
Health insurance covers the required period (one or two years).
A water or electricity bill in the name of the person
A copy of the title deed contract in the event that a property buyer wants to reside in real estate
An account statement from any bank that deals with it, and the statement sheet must be a new date
A numaratac sheet from the country if he is a property owner and wants to apply for real estate residency
Registration of the address adres kayid
Tapu kayid paper if he is a property owner and wants to reside in real estate
If he is married, he must bring a marriage contract paper certified by a translator from the consulate or Embassy of the country to which the person is affiliated
If there are children, the birth certificates of the first-born must be certified and translated from the consulate and Embassy of the person’s country

As for real estate residency, you must purchase a property worth 200,000 dollars to obtain real estate residency and registration with the title deed worth 200,000 dollars

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