Obtaining a title deed (Tapu)

Perhaps the most important step during the process of buying a property in Turkey, and it is the final step that follows the tours, agreements and evaluation

And all the things before the purchase, is the process of transferring ownership of the property to the name of the buyer.

Therefore, simaz real estate group offers the service of transferring ownership and obtaining the title deed, i.e. registration of the property in the name of the buyer.

The process starts from the real estate tours service, which we provide free of charge to customers, to view the properties and projects available to us, and after agreeing on the appropriate property, the initial purchase contract is written and the horror is paid until the full amount is processed by the buyer.

In the meantime, simaz group’s staff makes sure that the property is free of any problems or mortgage in the title deed Directorate, and also makes sure that the municipality and the works have fully approved the construction, after which the report of the real estate expert is prepared, who will evaluate the real value of the property for registration on the title deed.

Then an appointment is obtained from the title deed Department affiliated with the property, and in the presence of sworn translators and within one day only the title deed (title deed) is obtained in the name of the buyer completely and completely clean.

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