Alanya, a city of tourism

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الانيا مدينة السياحة

Alanya is a coastal city located on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea facing Turkey, while it is located east of the city of Antalya, 130 km away from its center. Alanya enjoys archaeological sites dating back to ancient times, which is located between the Mediterranean Sea ​​and the Taurus Mountains in a rocky peninsula and is decorated with a wonderful castle dating back to the 13th century overlooking the charming beaches despite its small size and being a city belonging to the province of Antalya and not an independent province.

The most important tourist attractions in Alanya

Alanya Museum

The museum, which was opened in 1967 AD, houses a rich collection of archaeological artifacts, which date back to different eras, starting from the Neolithic period, passing through the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and Seljuk periods, and up to the Ottoman period.

Among the most important exhibits of the museum are:

  • A bronze statue depicting the character of Hercules.
  • A ceramic piece with the titles of the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad.
  • A Phoenician writing dating back to 625 BC, which is considered the oldest writing discovered about the region.
  • Archaeological column heads, tombstones, and Islamic writings.

Ataturk’s House Museum

As an example of a villa for a Turkish family that lived in the 1930s, the museum of the founder of the modern Turkish state, who lived in this house in 1935. The museum was opened in 1987 to display the personal belongings and household utensils of the founder of the Republic of Turkey.

Ataturk Memorial

It is one of the landmarks of Alanya that attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world, as the monument located in the port area represents the first president of Turkey and the founder of its modern state, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

However, there is something that distinguishes the monument more than the personality of its owner, which is its creative construction and the lights that decorate it and the surrounding landmarks during the hours Night, as the monument is an excellent opportunity to visit the nearby port and the old shipyard.

The Maiden’s Castle

There are more than one site in Turkey bearing the name of the Maiden’s Castle, which is associated with many legends that revolve around the establishment of a king’s palace for his daughter whom he loves, so that she is out of reach of the dangers looming; Visiting such sites is a unique opportunity for many tourists to learn more closely about the details of these stories and legends.

Alanya Castle

After visiting the city of Alanya, the famous traveler Ibn Battuta wrote, describing the city of Alanya, saying: “It is one of the most beautiful regions of the world, and God has gathered in it what is scattered from the beauties of the country,” until he said: “And it has a castle at its top, a strange and impregnable one that was built by the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin.”

Ancient city of Sidera

Although the history of its construction is not known with certainty, the Roman ruins in it, from the old amphitheater, triumphal arch, and others, testify to the connection of the ancient city of Sidera with the Roman civilization.

It also includes many houses carved into the rocks and luxurious palaces that date back to ancient kings and princes, in addition to many institutions and facilities that were known in all ancient Roman cities.

Dim River

The Dim River is located in the eastern end of Alanya, 30 km from its center, where the river begins its journey from the village of Alex, which is located on a hill in the Taurus Mountains, and then reaches the Mediterranean Sea after it has traveled 60 km at the borders of the regions of Kistelle and Tosmur.

The banks of the river are adorned with banana and orange trees, and many restaurants and cafes located there, and the river maintains the coolness of its water throughout all seasons, because the snow falling on the Taurus Mountains does not begin to melt until spring enters.

Cleopatra Beach

This coast takes its name after the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, as it is said that she visited it and swam in it, and to the west of Alanya Castle, this coast extends for a distance of 2 km.

Cleopatra Beach is very popular because of its charming atmosphere, soft sand, warm sun with its golden rays, and clear blue waters through which fish can be seen at the bottom of the sea with great clarity.

Alanya Aquapark

Located in the Okurcalar region, 40 km from the center of Alanya and with a capacity of 2

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