Water, electricity and gas subscription

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الاشتراك بالماء والكهرباء

Subscription of water, electricity and gas : among the after-sales services, after the completion of the purchase process.

After purchasing the property, you will have your own title deed (title deed) after that, we will start the process of obtaining electricity, water, gas and internet subscriptions, and we will advise you on the easiest ways to pay bills. Simaz group can get all subscriptions on your behalf if an agency is made for our company.

DASK (natural disaster insurance):

This insurance is mandatory and is a guarantee provided by the state and is valid for one year only, then the insurance contract must be renewed every year before the end of the insurance period. So we have to get DASK insurance first to get subscriptions.

The necessary papers to apply for subscriptions:

Compulsory disaster insurance DASK.
Photocopy of the title deed (title deed).
Photocopy of the passport or residence permit, if any.
Housing permit.
Personal phone number.

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