Information about the kpiz District of Antalya

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معلومات عن منطقة كبيز في انطاليا

Kpiz: the future district of Antalya

Kibiz is one of the most important areas of Antalya, it is located in the north of the city, it is characterized by its strategic location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, its proximity to the city center, it also has a strong infrastructure, a flexible and modern transportation network, which makes it an attractive area for real estate and tourist investment.


Kabiz has many features that make it a desirable area to live, work and visit, the most important of these features are:

Its strategic location: kpiz district is located in a strategic location connecting it to the city center and Antalya International Airport, and it is also close to many famous tourist areas in Antalya, such as the zoo, Kent Orman Park, and Dudan waterfall.
Strong infrastructure: kabiz has a strong infrastructure, with a flexible and modern transportation network, major roads, health centers, schools and markets.
Its economic diversity: the kabyz region includes many different economic activities, such as industry, tourism, and real estate, which makes it an economically prosperous region.
Its picturesque nature: the kabyz region is distinguished by its picturesque nature, as it includes many public parks, forests, waterfalls.

Growth and development

The kabyz region has been witnessing significant growth and development in recent years, as the Turkish government invests heavily in it, through the establishment of many mega projects . Private companies in the region are also investing in many real estate and tourism projects, which contributes to increasing its attractiveness for residents and tourists.

The future

It is expected that the kabyz area will become one of the most important areas in Antalya in the future, as it has many elements that make it an attractive area for investments, residents and tourists.

The most beautiful places in Kepez Antalya

Kent Orman Park



Dudan falls

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