Information about the Altintash region in Antalya

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معلومات عن منطقة التنتاش في انطاليا

Altintaş : a promising investment destination in Antalya

The Altintaş area is one of the most important investment areas in Antalya, it is located in a strategic location, and has many elements that make it an ideal destination for real estate investment.


The Altintaş region has many features that make it a promising investment destination, the most important of these features are:

Its proximity to the city center and the famous shopping centers in the city, namely mall of Antalya, Depo and Terra city

And its proximity to Antalya International Airport

Developed infrastructure

The Altintaş region has a developed infrastructure, which provides investors with easy access to basic services.

Proximity to the airport

The Altintaş district is located near Antalya International Airport, which makes it easier for investors to get to the area.

The most promising properties for investment

Investment properties in the Altintaş region are diverse, and the most important types of real estate that are promising for investment in the region are the following:

Residential apartments

Residential apartments are one of the most popular types of investment real estate in the Altintaş region, due to the increasing demand for them by tourists and investors.


Villas are one of the types of luxury investment properties in the Altintaş area, suitable for investors looking for a high return on investment.


Land is one of the types of long-term investment real estate in the region, suitable for investors who are looking for a profitable investment Altintaş opportunity.

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