Earthquake insurance

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What is DASK


The fact that our country is located in an earthquake zone shows that we always face great risks of loss of life and property .

After the great earthquake that occurred in Geluk and the surrounding areas in August 1999 , the earthquake danger appeared, which was ignored for a long time in Turkey again .

TCIP, which entered into good implementation by its publication in the Turkish official gazette on December 27 , 1999, or also known as compulsory earthquake insurance .

The abbreviated spelling of earthquake insurance is DASK

. DASK has certain duties. This duty is to regulate and supervise the earthquake coverage system created by the state as a result of cooperation with private insurance companies .

It is a mandatory insurance that property owners in Turkey must obtain .

What does DASK do

The main purpose of the TCIP system is compulsory insurance against earthquakes , is to insure material damage that occurs due to in the building or property that you own.

The structural character of DASK is as follows:

. A TCIP policy is a type of insurance that is imposed by the state. It must be renewed every year in order to rent real estate, House, connect natural gas, water and electricity.

You have to do it regularly and pay the installments .

The DASK policy covers damage to the building only and does not assume the risk of damage to property and other values in the building .

The TCIP policy covers damage caused by the earthquake . Burning, gas drift, explosion and tsunami are also included .

In the TCIP policy, the additional value of the house is calculated according to the unit price per square meter advertised every year .

The minimum value of the guarantee for housing or the amount of compensation to be received in case of danger is limited to the value of the roof .

The calculation of installments is determined according to the regional transactions announced by TCIP .

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